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Parent Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI & San Francisco, CA


Being a parent is a very tough job, no matter how old your child is.

Every age comes with new challenges to face. Sometimes, you may feel pretty good about your parenting skills. Then, your kid throws a curveball your way and you’re left wondering “what do I do now?” You’re expected to have all the answers and have solutions to problems you’ve never seen before. But in reality, you’re winging it and hoping you don’t screw up.
Parenting books can be helpful, but parenting with a one size fits all approach may not be what’s best for your kiddo. You need support from a skilled professional who truly gets kids, tweens, and teens. You need guidance that’s tailored to meet the needs of your child and your family. That’s where we come in with parent therapy.
A tired mother hangs her head as her children rush around the room. Parent therapy in West Bloomfield, MI can offer support. Learn more about parent support groups in San Francisco, CA today.
Meet With A Therapist Who Specializes in Parenting Support
We’re a group of therapists who specialize in helping kids, tweens, teens, and young adults overcome the challenges they experience in life. Our team knows how to communicate and work in effective ways with youth. We’ve learned to speak their language and understand their unique struggles. We can teach you these skills so you can strengthen your bond with your child. You can support them through all life’s ups and downs.

Common reasons why adults seek parent Therapy

A close up image of a toddler holding their parents hand for Therapyology. Contact a parenting therapist in San Francisco, CA and learn more about our parent support groups in West Bloomfield, MI. Parent therapy in West Bloomfield, MI can support you today!



We’ve helped countless families navigate these issues and more. We can help you too. As therapists, we know it can be hard to ask for help. But, getting parent coaching is not a sign of weakness or ineptitude. In fact, asking for help when life is challenging is a sign of being a very good parent. It shows that you’re willing to go above and beyond for the benefit of your child. Getting support from a parenting coach also sets a good example for your child. It shows them that you focus on mental health. They’re much more likely to engage in their own therapeutic work after counseling if they see you do the same.

“The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example.”

-Drew Barrymore


Our Approach to Parent Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI, and San Francisco, CA

Our first priority in counseling is getting to know you as individuals and parents. We want to understand the issues you’re experiencing at home. Once we know what brings you in, we will develop a custom plan to help you achieve your parenting goals.
One big thing that sets us apart from other therapists is that we can help your whole family by offering continuity of care. We want your family to communicate and function in a healthy way. So, we are committed to working with all parties, together and separate, to help you get to this point.
An image of 3 sets of hands cradling a heart for Therapyology. Contact a parenting therapist in West Bloomfield, MI for support today. Parent therapy in West Bloomfield, MI, parent therapy in San Fransisco, CA and parent support groups in West Bloomfield, MI can offer support today!

Parent Support Groups in West Bloomfield, MI, and CA

The therapists at Therapyology believe in the transformative power of group therapy. There’s something so special about navigating your challenges in a group of your peers who have navigated similar issues. They say that parenting takes a village and we couldn’t agree more. Parents need support too, especially during challenging times. So, let’s come together as an inclusive community. Our team offers support to ALL parents. We understand that families come in so many shapes and sizes, and we are here for them! Let’s create our own therapeutic village and learn some cool parenting skills along the way.

Begin Parent Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI, and San Francisco, CA

 Seeking support is a sign of strength. Our team of therapists would be happy to support you in helping your family. We offer support from our West Bloomfield, MI-based therapy practice. To start your therapy journey, follow these steps:

Other Services Offered at Therapyology

Parent therapy isn’t the only service we offer in Michigan and California from our West Bloomfield, MI-based therapy practice. We offer grief counseling, LGBTQ therapy, therapy for children, trauma-informed therapy, therapy for children of divorce, and young adult therapy. In addition, we also provide teen therapy and online therapy in Michigan, California, Camp Therapyology, camp in California, groups, and workshops. 


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