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Workshops & Group Therapy

Banana Splits: Children of Divorce Support Group 

“Ice cream may be messy, but divorce doesn’t need to be!”

We offer a group for tweens coping with the “new normal” of divorce, family conflict, and parental alienation.
You are not alone! Divorce affects children and teens in many ways, and our team is here to support you throughout you every step of the way.

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a father stands with his son looking at the ocean sunset. This represents the support group therapy in West Bloomfield, MI can provide. Contact a teenage support group for teen group therapy in West Bloomfield, MI or group therapy in San Fransisco, CA

A photo from the film Mean Girls that reads "you can't sit with us!" You're always cool enough for group therapy in West Bloomfield, MI. We offer teen group therapy, lgbtq youth groups, and more!

“You CAN Sit With Us”

Regina George was not THAT fetch.
From friends to frenemies, this group for teens focuses on social relationships, bullying, and relational aggression. Our therapy team provides girls in middle school and high school with the skills and tools to maintain healthy positive friendships and promote inclusivity. Click the button below for more information!

Rainbow Group: Teenage Support Group for LGBTQ+ Youth

Therapyology is proud to support LGBTQ+ teens and young adults through the Rainbow Group. Our LGBTQ youth groups help provide a safe, supportive environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community to voice their concerns. Here, you can find a community that truly understands what you are going through. For more info, click the button below!
A pair of hands make a heart symbol with LGBTQ colors behind. Group therapy in West Bloomfield, MI can offer support. Learn about our LGBTQ youth groups in West Bloomfield, MI and the other services we offer including trauma therapy groups in West Bloomfield, MI.

Coming Soon:

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?”:

A group designed to debunk the stigma of self-image. Our and improve self-esteem and self-worth.
Why are we so hard on ourselves? More information coming soon.


An image of Stewie Griffin saying " mom mom mom mom mum mum mum mum ma ma ma ma ma mama mama mama mamam mama lois lois lois lois." Group therapy in West Bloomfield, MI can provide support with LGBTQ youth groups in West Bloomfield, MI, trauma therapy groups, and more.
Lois from family guy says "what" to Stewie. Group therapy in West Bloomfield, MI feel supported during hard times. Contact a teenage support group or children of divorce support.
Stewie says "Hi... hahahaha..." Group therapy in West Bloomfield, MI can offer support for trauma therapy groups in West Bloomfield, MI. Contact us today for support!

This group is designed for all parents. That means the moms AND dads of “challenging” young children. We help parents to build their skill set in setting appropriate boundaries. This group can help you provide unconditional emotional support during the childhood years that sometimes make you feel like you want to pull your hair out!
We got you! More information to come!

Start Group Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI or San Francisco, CA with Therapyology

 You don’t have to face your issues alone! Group therapy can provide you with the support to view life in a new light with the help of others similar to you. Our caring therapists would be honored to support you in overcoming the issues that matter to you. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Request an appointment
  2. Meet with one of our caring therapists
  3. Start feeling more empowered!

Other Services Offered at Therapyology

Group therapy isn’t the only service offered at our West Bloomfield, MI-based therapy practice. We also offer online therapy in Michigan and California, grief counseling, therapy for children, and therapy for teens. Other services include parent coaching, Camp Therapyology, and camp in California!



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