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Camp Therapyology launched Summer 2020 as our pilot program in Michigan to provide social connection and emotional support to kids and teens during a global pandemic. As mental health professionals, we understand how this isolation has taken a severe mental toll on our youth. Which is why we’ll be offering Camp Therapyology programs year-round in Michigan. Whatever you are going through at home, this camp for teens, kids, and young adults can support you with this and online camp!

Quote over the image of a person walking down a lush forest. The quote says "there is no wifi in the forest, but i promise you will find a better connection." You can find that connection at Camp Therapyology. The day camp for teens, kids, and young adults in Michigan to provide social connection and emotional support during lockdown. Join us between December 14th and December 30th on Mondays and Wednesdays. This is both an online camp, and in person day camp.

Remember that feeling when you were at day camp?

You felt safe, carefree and created social connections with the people who you could truly be yourself with… we’re recreating that with Camp Therapyology!

WHAT: “Social Programs at a Social Distance”
Group size capped at 6 per group!
WHEN: Meets July 26-30th (10am-12pm)
WHERE: Therapyology
7459 Middlebelt Rd.
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
WHO: 9-11 years old (Kiddos)
12-14 years old (Tweens)
COST: $495

Sessions will consist of…

  • Exploring Friendships and Relationships
  • Understanding Stress and Anxiety: Learning how to “slow down”
  • Explore Body Image and Healthy Habits
  • An Instagram Story: How Social Media and Peer Pressure Affect Us
  • Learning Positive Self-talk and Building Self-Worth
  • Taboo Topics
  • Building Tolerance & Inclusivity
  • When to Ask For Help: Communicating with Parents and Adults
Please note: A deposit of $200 is required upon registration to secure a spot within the program.


Build Social Connections:

What makes a good friendship or relationship?

How do you make new friends when everything is virtual? Why aren’t my friends answering my texts or ghosting me? While addressing these questions and more, we will learn how to create healthy communication with our friends and family members. By doing so, we can have meaningful relationships.

Campers will develop bonds with others their own age. They’ll also practice active listening and open communication. With social media being a huge part of a teen’s social life, we will explore the effects of social media on our social connections, friendships, and how we can have a healthy relationship with social media. Oh, and remember at camp when you’d go to arts and crafts and make your BFF a friendship bracelet? Yeah, we’ll do that, too!

Group of children huddle as they smile at one another. They are part of Banana Splits, a children of divorce support group in West Bloomfield, MI. Therapyology offers therapy for children of divorce in West Bloomfield, MI. Contact us to get in touch with a child divorce therapist today.

Build Coping Skills:

“When Life hands us anxiety, we…”

Life is really hard right now; we totally get it! So how can we cope with the anxiety and stress that the pandemic, virtual school, loneliness, etc, is affecting us? We can learn how to practice real coping skills and learn from each other how we are managing the stress of the world right now.

Want to learn more about DBT and ACT?

We do, too! … Just kidding, we already know it.

From mindfulness and distress tolerance (think self-soothing) to acceptance, we will explore and learn how to incorporate these skills into our everyday lives. This builds our emotional tolerance and helps prepare us for challenges along the way. With so many of us feeling uncertain about the future, it can be easy to catastrophize things. Learning these skills and being able to practice them will set you up for a more peaceful future.

Break the Stigma:

(Talking about the ‘tough’ stuff)

From bullying to body image to consent and death; topics that tend to have a stigma associated with them aren’t regularly discussed in school or at home. However, we create a safe and non-judgmental environment to explore and discuss taboo topics.

The year 2020 did NOT pass the vibe check.

But you know what can? Having an open mindset and willingness to discuss “taboo topics”! Our intention is not to tell anyone what to think or how to act. But, rather create a safe and open space. With hands-on activities and games designed to facilitate vulnerable conversations, we are empowering the next generation of ‘thinkers’ and ‘doers’ to embrace the world with an open mindset.


Register now for Summer 2021!!

Summer 2021 Session: July 26th – 30th (10am-12pm)

Below this image, you will be able to register online for Camp Therapyology! If you wish to learn more about our Farmington Hills, MI practice, or start therapy today, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Schedule an Appointment
  2. Meet with one of our caring therapists
  3. Start your therapy journey
Please note: A deposit of $200 is required upon registration to secure a spot within the program.

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