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Jaclyn Pfingsten, LLMSW November 24, 2021 Like

“I’ll Do It Tomorrow!” The Story of One Perfectionist to Another

By: Jaclyn Pfingsten, LLMSW I wanted to write a blog on procrastination…. but then I kept saying to myself, “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow!” What was holding me back from writing it? Perfectionism. Let’s talk about it. Well, I have been meaning to write this blog post since the summer. But, I was waiting for the …perfect time… the perfect idea… and now here we are and it’s fall.  Do you sometimes feel like you struggle with perfectionism? Perfectionism can
Brooke Bendix October 15, 2021 Like

Better Together: 10 Reasons Why Group Therapy is Right for You!

By: Lexie Kay and Shivanjali Singaraju Okay, picture this: You and your best friend got into a HUGE fight. Things were said, and you’re not sure if you’re even friends anymore. You don’t want to tell your other friends because they might choose a side. UG! Who do you go to for support? Your parents have been fighting a lot lately. In fact, the word “divorce” has been thrown around in arguments. Who do you turn to that you trust
Brooke Bendix September 24, 2021 Like

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

A Year of “Firsts”; How to Survive Your First Year of College (or High School) I remember the day I moved into my college dorm-like it was yesterday. Feelings of excitement and nervousness were present. Yet, overshadowed by a bit of sadness. As I looked around the residence halls full of eager freshmen, I couldn’t help but feel something missing. The loss of my father a year and a half before felt very raw and present at that moment. That’s
Brooke Bendix May 25, 2021 1

Therapyology heads to Camp Walden!

ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUUUUUNCEMENTS!!!   Therapyology heads to Camp Walden this Summer 2021! From “Capture the Camp,” to punch and cookies and friendship bracelet making… For many kids, summer is about spending it at camp. My Summer Camp Experience Those who know me know that camp holds a very special place in my heart. From the age of eight years old, I started spending my summers at overnight camp; ten of those summers were spent as a camper, then a counselor,
Lauren Hilfinger, LLMSW May 16, 2021 Like

The Need for More Inclusivity: Why the Rainbow Group was Created

In today’s world, we are seeing more and more youth exploring and opening up about their gender identity and sexuality and we’re here for it! At Therapyology, we strive to create a more inclusive society; it’s a big part of our mission! That’s why we created the Rainbow Group, an inclusive group for tweens and teens who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community to receive the support they crave and a place where they can feel “home.” LGBTQ Youth

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